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Erotic Massage Doha Therapy

We are all aware of the connotations attached to ‘Erotic Massage Doha Therapy.’ Many people assume erotic massage is a synonym for sexual services due to the term, ‘erotic.’ However, it is important to bear in mind that the majority of established and Executive Erotic Massage Doha Services DO NOT offer sexual services, purely erotic body to body massage.

On the contrary, The Leading Erotic Massage Doha Agencies such as Peachy Massage Doha, Amira Massage and Majestic Massage display authentic photos of all Masseuses and, more importantly, they are all highly trained in the art of sensual tantric massage, as well as therapeutic massage. This is the main distinguishing factor. Prices are typically higher, however, you pay for an outstanding service which is key. If you are seeking a massage masterpiece, then look no further. These are Doha’s most Executive Erotic Massage Agencies.

With a reputable and refined Erotic Massage Doha Service, your massage experience involves a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage to really knead that daily tension away, incorporated with long, flowing sensuous touch, as well as Tantric massage techniques. Focus is placed on your chakras and breathing techniques are advise. The massage arouses all your senses, heightens energy flow and leaves you feeling warm and completely relaxed. Erotic Massage Doha is not about sexual intercourse. It is about touch, massage, affection and the healing powers of Tantra. The massage is very loving and healing. Clients report a better sense of well-being, emotionally and physically. More specifically, they feel a sense of completion.

A good erotic massage should always be performed with the best quality massage oil. It is advisable to ask your personal Massage Therapist as to what oil she may be using. The absolute best massage oil in the industry is Pjur – a silicone based premium massage oil. This fabulous product also acts as a natural lubricant. It is simply the best. At Peachy, we have now introduced our own brand of Peachy massage oil, which is based on Pjur – and made in Germany. Our Peachy Massage oil is hypoallergenic, silicone based and nourishing for the skin. We are proud of our new product and our clients simply adore it.

Another crucial factor for the best erotic massage Doha experience is to experience the journey in a warm, hygienic and welcoming place. At Peachy we provide a 5 Star Outcall Massage Service, thus, there is no need to even leave your hotel room or private residence. Our Masseuses are happy to travel to you. They arrive, dressed to impress – conservatively of course, and will perform the massage once they have set up the room with candles and incense. Some soft, sensuous massage music is quietly played to arouse your auditory senses and the magical massage experience lasts for a duration of either one hour, ninety minutes or two hours of heavenly pampering. We also offer some in house massages in central Doha to our regular clients.

When you are next in Doha and you feel super stressed or simply need some closeness in the form of Erotic Massage Therapy, we advise you to sample one of our massage delights. We are a fabulously friendly company and we can offer you advise and massage your worries away! Add some zest to your life and make it Peachy!

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