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How to carry out body massage

Massage can relax the muscles, promote blood circulation, reduce mental stress. It is good to have someone to quickly massage the shoulder, but if you want to give your loved one an unforgettable experience, then it is worth taking the time to build a comfortable environment and use the appropriate technology to give him a massage. Read below you will know what you need to know about doing an excellent massage for everything.

1. From the neck and shoulder. People often feel that the body of this area is tense when you do not have time to do a complete massage when focusing on the neck and shoulders can provide immediate relaxation. Massage the neck and shoulders using the following techniques:

Use your fingers to seize the side of the neck, gently press on the muscles and tendons, kneading with the thumb and forefinger. You can use the free hand to massage the head at the same time.

Relax your fingers on the shoulders and put your thumb on the muscles on both sides of the neck. Squeeze the shoulders, press with your thumb. Action to be slow and smooth.

You can also use your forearm to massage the shoulder. Place your forearm on both shoulders and gently swing back and forth to relax your shoulders' muscles.

2. rubbing back. From both sides of the shoulder and back, friction muscles. When your hand reaches the lower part of the back, knead the tight muscles with your hands and thumbs. People who sit or sit for hours every day often have pain in this area, so you may have to spend some more time relaxing the muscles of this area.

Do not apply pressure to the spine and back bones. Focus on the muscles on both sides of the spine.

Kneel on the back of the person to be massage so that the massage is more in-depth, the root of your hand on the opposite side of the lower back muscles, and your fingers pointing away from the side of the body. The other hand on your first hand and press the muscle. Knead the muscles in this way for a few minutes and then switch to the other side.

3. Massage arms and legs. With both hands in the upper arm surrounded by a circle. With the palm of your hand and fingers rub the muscles on the arm, has been rubbed to the wrist. The other arm repeats the same action, then massage the legs and start rubbing from the thigh muscles until the ankle.

4. Massage hands and feet. The body of the person who will be massaged turns over to make him or her face and torso face you. Press the thumb and forefinger massage the hand, pay attention to the palm, thumb or every finger to massage the muscles. Massage the feet in the same way, make sure not to press the bones too hard.

The feet of the gentle, uniform beat. Do not go to arm, because it will break his or her loose state.

When you massage the hands and feet to bend back and forth to stretch the muscles.

5. Face and head as the end of the massage. Kneeling behind the person you are massage, with your fingers to circle his / her temple. Gently rub the forehead and sinus area. Put your fingers on the scalp and massage with the way you wash your hair.

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