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First and foremost, you need to realize the fact that exotic and erotic massages are completely different. While erotic massage focuses on the erogenous zones of the body, the exotic massage is based more on the different massage practices followed in locations considered to be exotic.

When mentioning exotic locations, the first name that comes to mind is probably Hawaii. Japan and China are other countries which are considered to be exotic. The exotic massage practices from these Asian countries are based on the ancient Oriental philosophy.

The name itself is misleading and many people mix erotic and exotic massages for the same reason. Now that it is clear that they are different, you know better than to feel confused yourself. There is a growing demand for exotic massages these days.

You can learn about the different types of exotic massages that are commonly performed at massage facilities. The Lomi-Lomi massage is one of the most common exotic massages. It originates from Hawaii and has been practiced for many centuries. It is known to help heal body aches and pains.

There is a great deal of spirituality involved in exotic massages. For instance, the Reiki massage from Japan doesn’t even require the massage therapist to touch their clients, though most massage sessions do involve some degree of physical contact.

These are the main differences between normal massage, erotic massage and exotic massage. Now that you know how to distinguish these three types of massages, you can make an informed decision regarding which of these you want to specialize in.


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